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                 Guangzhou sent shield cleaning supplies co., LTD. (us) for PADOM cleaning equipment supplies factory is the only sales organization in China, (USA) PADOM cleaning equipment factory, founded in 1999, long-term to America, southeast Asia, the Middle East as the main sales regions, in 2007 the company to continue on the basis of specialization, doing systematic preparation for into the Chinese market, which was born (USA) PADOM cleaning equipment factory, for domestic customers provide the most direct, quick and comprehensive professional services.
              PADOM (American pie shield) using one of the world's most advanced, the most professional and humanistic concept of equipment for cleaning equipment of the latest interpretation.The company to "honesty, quality first, service the world" is the management idea, and has a strong scientific research strength and production team as the backing.Factory over the years has been to OEM quality in high-end cleaning equipment and supplies, has a larger foreign consortium as capital supporters, prompting products constantly upgrading and perfecting gradually.And guangzhou shield cleaning supplies co., LTD., is the only important way to develop the domestic market, the company has a strong professional knowledge of the sales department, planning department, information department, engineering department and market to provide professional, systematic service to our customers.
              Clean, has become a trend of The Times, and "class" to measure the market value of a ruler, so the high quality of life is to first clean high standards as the basis, and clean = the same high standards of quality products + professional and efficient service, so our products, our company is in line with times and the demand of the world.

              PADOM operating principles: the steadfast work, honest personhood!
              PADOM business value: with others for you to send the most professional and high quality backing!
              PADOM operating principles: hand in hand with you and create a clean world!
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